Facebook Introduces Live Audio Rooms

Did You Know Facebook Introduces Live Audio Rooms ?


Facebook introduced Live Audio Rooms a Clubhouse competitor. The company recently announced that certain public figures in the United States, as well as certain groups, will be able to host rooms through the main Facebook iOS app. (However, people can join from both iOS and Android.)

Anyone can be invited to speak, and up to 50 people can speak at the same time. There is no limit to the number of listeners allowed in, that’s a game changer compared to Clubhouse.

Twitter’s Clubhouse app is adding a “raise a hand” button to invite people to join a chat. There will also be notifications when your friends or followers join a room, as well as live captions.

Hosts can also select a nonprofit or fundraiser to support during their conversation with a button to directly donate.

Additionally Facebook is rolling out automatic captioning and a podcast feature on the social media site. People will be able to listen to podcasts through either a mini-player or a full-screen player with various playback controls.

The Facebook team says it plans to roll out automatic captions later this summer, as well as a clips feature where listeners can share their favorite clips.


Spotify, Slack and Slack are all adding audio features to their services in the last few months. Clubhouse is a live chat app that lets users talk to each other while listening to recordings of others conversations.

The service’s launch comes just days after Spotify debuted its own live audio app, Greenroom; three months since Stage Channels came to Discord; four months after Reddit Talk.

Facebook has added audio rooms to its Live Audio Rooms, a new feature that will give users auditory access to influencers.


Facebook Live Audio Rooms is another example of the social media space trending more and more in the direction of audio and voice content.

Like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, Facebook is continuing its audio push with select podcasts, available via newsfeed and on creator pages.

In-app direct donations, live captions, and unlimited room listener capacity are some of the unique features of Facebook’s new features.

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